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Vision X6200 HRT elliptical review
Vision X6200 HRT elliptical review

Vision X6200 HRT elliptical review

The Vision X6200 elliptical has 9 preset programs to keep you motivated and allows you to vary your program whenever you want.

There are 10 types of exercise feedback, such as your speed, distance, time, resistance level, program and your weight. This machine folds up when you are finished exercising to a compact three feet in length so you can easily store it under the bed or in a closet.

You can move your arms in simultaneous movement with your legs to exercise all the major muscle groups in the body. In fact, the arm handles are longer than on most other ellipticals to give you the best cardio workout for your upper body muscles.

This machine has a programmable tension control that you just set with the push of a button. This feature allows you to adjust the tension at any time during the routine without any interruptions.

You do not have to get off to reset the tension you need to get the workout your want. You supply the power to get the machine going so you do not need to have it connected to an electrical outlet.

The Bio-Radius arm handlebars allow to stand in the correct position for exercising without having to try to get your body in an uncomfortable position for your workout. This also helps to give you a fluid low impact workout that will not put any strain on your joints or muscles.

The foot pedals a re large so you will not feel as if you are going to slip off. The Quiet Glide technology gives you an almost silent workout so you can read or watch TV at a normal volume.

The quietness of the machine won't disturb ant tenants who live on the floor below, making this machine prefect for an apartment building. The computer modeling on the drive system is designed to last for about 50 years of use.

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