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tunturi C6 elliptical crosstrainer
tunturi C6 programmable elliptical crosstrainer

Tunturi C6 Programmable Elliptical Crosstrainer

The Tunturi C6 programmable elliptical crosstrainer is the elliptical for those who really want to have the best fitness equipment that they can use at home.

The frame of the machine is very sturdy and can withstand heavy weights and exercising at high speeds. The stride is very effective and will accommodate a wide variety of users.

This machine is small and quiet - perfect for the apartment where you don't want to disturb those living in the apartment downstairs.

The console of the C6 has 11 preset programs that you can choose from, but there are 8 customized workouts for a really varied workout routine. The LED display tells you the time elapsed, the calories you have burned, your current profile and the resistance level.

You can save this information to document your progress through all of the programs and to see how well you are doing with the exercise routines. You can keep track of your heart rate with a wireless heart monitor and the stride is an adjustable orbital arc that will suit almost all users.

The C6 does not have a readout for distance and speed, but the customized workouts make up for this. In fact this is one feature of this machine that professional trainers really like and it is why they recommend the machine for home use. The handlebars have dual action so you can really get a total body workout for both your upper and lower muscles.

They are also adjustable so that all users feel comfortable during their workout. You can choose to use either the Quick Start method by choosing the program you want and pressing the button or your can use the machine in the manual mode.

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