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Top 5 ellipticals
Top 5 ellipticals

Top 5 ellipticals

Elliptical machines are rated by professional trainers so that people who are in the market for one of these pieces of exercise equipment for their home will be more informed when they start looking for the perfect machine.

It really depends on your budget, but if you don't have a price in mind, the Top 5 rated ellipticals according to the experts are:

1. ProForm Ellipticals

These elliptical trainers have dual action handlebars to help you tone and firm all the major muscle groups in your body. The ellipticals are moderately priced at about $400 which is the average price range that consumers expect to pay for a good elliptical machine.

These machine also have iFit capabilities so you can connect them to your computer and download fitness programs in addition to those that are built in to the machine.

There are also heart rate programs that monitor your heart rate and adjust the resistance level to match your target heart rate to help you burn more calories.

2. Nordic Track Ellipticals

These ellipticals are a bit more expensive at $700 but they offer custom stride foot pedals as well as preset programs for you to choose from.

These ellipticals also have iFit capability for you to add more programs that seem as if your have your own personal trainer to keep you motivated. The handlebars have dual action so that you can work your arms and legs.

They are also very quiet, have a magazine and bottle holder and the stride length is adjustable so that more than one person can comfortably exercise on these machines.

3. Reebok Ellipticals

These ellipticals are in the price range of about $400-$500 and will provide you with a great workout. They have synchronized arm and leg movements to let you work all the muscle groups in your body. They do not have adjustable incline levels or iFit compatibility.

4. Precor Ellipticals

These are expensive elliptical machines, but they do have all the bells and whistles of the professional machines used in health clubs.

They are a cut above all the other ellipticals with the many different preset programs, a wider range of resistance levels and the adjustable incline level to give you a greater cardiovascular workout.

5. Fitness Quest Ellipticals

These trainers offer smooth elliptical patterns that have virtually no impact on your joints and bones. The heart rate monitor is located in the handgrips so all you have to do is press the grip to find out what your heart rate is.

You can easily adjust the resistance level to bring your exercise routine closer to what you need for the target heart rate without interrupting your stride. The preset programs include a wide range to suit all manner of users from fat burning to cardiovascular routines.

The reverse motion also lets you work the muscles in different ways.

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