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star trac natural runner plus
star trac natural runner plus remanufactured

Star Trac Natural Runner Plus Remanufactured

You will feel as if you are actually running on the track, but without the impact, when you use the Star Trac Natural Runner Plus.

This machine is designed to closely resemble the natural movements that your body makes when you are walking or running so that you won't have to try to get your body into unnatural positions in order to exercise comfortably. You get all these features with a remanufactured model of the Natural Runner, just not with the high price tag.

Some people who want a newer model of the Natural Runner turn in their old model and this is the one you get as remanufactured. Before the model is sol, however, anything in need of repair on the machine is fixed or replaced, so that the remanufactured model you buy is in good working condition.

You can choose from 11 unique programs to vary your workout routines and use the personal trainer options to keep track of your training. This lets you see how well you are doing and saves your favorite programs for you. When you use the Quick Start feature, you just choose the program you want by pressing the button and you are all set to go.

You can keep track of your heart rate by using the Polar chest strap of the contact heart rate monitor in the handlebars. The dual action handlebars allow you to get a total workout because you can work on your upper and lower body muscles all in a synchronized fashion.

The pedals are close together so that even though the stride is longer, it is natural. When you want to make sure you are exercising to burn the maximum amount of calories, you can choose the Dynamic Heart Rate program that sets the level of intensity you need to exercise within your target heart rate zone. There are 15 levels of intensity that you can choose from ranging from easy to challenging providing something for every user.

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Star Trac Natural Runner Plus Remanufactured

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The Natural Runner is the closest thing to running with virtually no impact. Star Trac has self-powered units, some with the longest stride, featuring quickstart and other user friendly workout features. Plenty of commercial grade machines that are a great choice for any health club or home.

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