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Star Trac Natural Runner EE4630 Elliptical
Star Trac Natural Runner EE4630 Elliptical

Star Trac Natural Runner EE4630 elliptical

The Natural runner feature of the Star Trac EE4630 ensures that you exercise in the same natural movements as are involved in walking and running on the track.

This elliptical machine is actually the closest you can get to running without feeling the jarring impact on your joints and bones. This piece of fitness equipment was actually the first self-powered elliptical trainer ever developed in order to give those who liked running for exercise the benefit of a machine that did not cause or increase any injuries to their legs and knees.

The Quick Start button lets you choose from one of the 11 unique programs already set into the machine. You can also choose from 15 levels of intensity that range from easy to challenging for your workout. There is something for everyone on this machine.

Star Trac Natural Runner EE4630 Elliptical
There are many personal training options on the 4630 so that you can save your training information and compare how you did in one session with how you did on a previous occasion. This lets you see how much you are improving. You can also save your favorite workouts and all you have to do is choose the one you want and push the button when you get on the machine.

If you want to keep track of your heart rate when exercising the polar or contact heart rate monitor is there for you to use. A great way to make sure that you are burning all the calories is to use the Dynamic Heart Rate Program where the machine sets the intensity level based on your heart rate. This feature helps you to make sure you are exercising within your target heart rate range.

The stride on this machine is biomedically engineered so that you are standing in the correct position to minimize any strain on your muscles and joints. This is in addition to the low impact exercise you receive from any elliptical machine.

The footoplates have a non-slip surface that will keep your feet in the correct place all during your exercise session. As an added bonus, there is a holder for your water bottle, your magazine or book and your Walkman. You can get a drink whenever you want without interrupting the exercise and you can easily read or listen to music.

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Star Trac 4630

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The Natural Runner is the closest thing to running with virtually no impact. Star Trac has self-powered units, some with the longest stride, featuring quickstart and other user friendly workout features. Plenty of commercial grade machines that are a great choice for any health club or home.

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