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smooth me pe ce ellipticals
smooth me pe ce ellipticals

Smooth ME, Smooth PE and Smooth SE

The Smooth ME elliptical machine is the least expensive of the Smooth ellipticals. It provides you with a smooth fluid workout with low impact on your knees and ankles.

It has a heavy 40 pounds drive system, which may take you a second or two to get started, but the momentum helps you to keep going. The 16 inch diameter stride is designed for shorter people because tall users require a longer stride in order to exercise in comfort on any elliptical machine.

The machine is whisper quiet - all you hear is the sound of the flywheel. The variable magnetic resistance is enough to challenge even the most experienced exercise enthusiast.

The Smooth ME has been replaced with the Smooth PE that still has the same features of the original design. It has 4 challenging workout programs for you to choose from. The extra large foot pedals give you a more comfortable workout and the quick keys let you adjust your program to suit the information you receive on the display screen.

The heart rate monitors are conveniently located in the hand grips. The PE has forward and reverse movements, just as the ME, to work all of your muscles in different ways. '

The Smooth SE elliptical is a very sturdy machine - the same quality as other Smooth ellipticals, but less expensive that other brand names. With this machine the chest strap for monitoring your heart rate is included with purchase price, but there are n sensors in the handgrips on this machine to give you another option.

There are 20 resistance levels to choose from to vary your workout and the machine is exceptionally quiet.

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Smooth ellipticals

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Get a total body workout, lose weight and get in shape in the comfort of your home. The magnetic Brake System with continuous adjustment of load resistance, ensures an almost complete absence of noise. Wireless heart rate control to optimize your workout. Warranty includes lifetime frame, 3 years parts including electronics, 1 year service.

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