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smooth ce elliptical review
smooth ce elliptical review

Smooth CE elliptical review

The Smooth CE provides you with the best possible workout whether you want a cardio workout, strength training or you want to lose weight.

Each machine contains the patented moveable foot pedals, not found on any other elliptical machine. This feature allows you to adjust the foot pedals according to your height, opening the door to an elliptical machine that will accommodate a very wide range of users.

With this feature you can get the maximum stride you need for your height. Most ellipticals have a specific stride length set on the machine and some of these are not suitable in a household when both tall and short users want to workout.

Smooth CE Elliptical Trainer

There is a wireless heart rate monitor to allow your heart rate to control the resistance level you need to get the maximum benefit from your workout. Unlike other ellipticals, the chest strap is included with your purchase of a Smooth CE.

With other brands you have to purchase this chest strap separately. If you prefer not to use the cheat strap, there is a heart rate sensor in the handlebar grips. The machine is designed so that it doesn't take up a lot of space in your home.

There are no unnecessary plastic shrouds that do not serve any purpose only take up space. There is no motor in this elliptical so there are less moving parts that would require maintenance. The magnetic flywheel controls the resistance.

You can choose from 7 preset programs to vary your exercise routine. There is also a reverse motion on this machine and by reversing the elliptical stride you exercise your muscles in different ways for the ultimate workout.

Some of the settings you can choose to use for your workout programming are; performance, time, distance, optimum training pulse range, and according to your upper pulse limit. The LED display screen gives you constant information about your workout - your time, speed, distance, the room temperature, your pulse and the average values at the end of your workout.

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If you are ready to make a purchase, the selected merchant(s) below make it easy to find the right elliptical to meet your fitness needs, budget and lifestyle.

Smooth CE

Smooth Fitness - Rated 5-stars by Epinions customer
Get a total body workout, lose weight and get in shape in the comfort of your home. The magnetic Brake System with continuous adjustment of load resistance, ensures an almost complete absence of noise. Wireless heart rate control to optimize your workout. Warranty includes lifetime frame, 3 years parts including electronics, 1 year service.

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