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schwinn 428 elliptical trainer
schwinn 428 elliptical trainer

Schwinn 428 elliptical trainer

When you want to make sure you have a machine that will exercise all your muscles at the same time, the Schwinn 428 is the one you need. The moving handlebars help your upper body to move in synchronization with your legs to work out all the major muscle groups in the body.

The forward and reverse features on this machine let you work all the muscles in different ways. This machine has 6 workout programs for you to choose from - manual, interval, hills, summit and heart rate control. You can set a goal for yourself to work through all of the programs to make sure you get the maximum benefit of the machine.

The heart rate sensors are located in the hand grips and the number displays on the screen in the console. When you want to use the heart rate workout program, you can enter your target heart rate and the machine will automatically adjust the resistance level to match the heart rate.

This allows you to easily see the level you need to work out to give your body the best cardio workout within your target heart rate. There are 16 resistance levels that are magnetically controlled to give you the best resistance possible.

This machine has articulating footplates. They adjust to fit your feet so that your foot and heel are in the proper position to closely simulate the natural movements of walking and running so that there is no jarring impact to your joints and bones when you exercise.

This feature is great for those who have knee and back problems so that they can exercise in comfort and will not do any further damage to these parts of the body. The LED dot Matrix display provides you with all the information you need about your workout such as your time, distance, speed, calories burned, resistance level and heart rate.

You can easily make any necessary adjustments to your workout to bring these numbers in line with what you want in each session.

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Schwinn 428

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