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remanufactured star trac elliptical edge
remanufactured star trac elliptical edge

Remanufactured Star trac elliptical edge

The purchase of a remanufactured Star Trac Elliptical Edge gives you the opportunity to get one of the most expensive elliptical machines at a really great price.

You are not sacrificing quality when you buy a remanufactured machine or think that it will only last for a short period of time. You still get all the same features of the original machine. When ellipticals are remanufactured they are completely stripped down and any parts in need of repair are either fixed or replaced.

The Elliptical Edge was designed with safety of the user in mind. This machine will provide you with the natural movements that your body makes when you walk or run, so it gives you a natural exercise. This machine provides the ultimate cardiovascular workout for every muscle in your body while having little or no impact on your joints and bones.

The longer stride on this elliptical provides you with a smooth fluid stride so that you don't have to left your feet. Therefore you won't have any jarring motion on your heels, ankles or knees. The range of motion that your joints go through when you exercise is virtually the same as they would if you were walking or running down the street.

The machine is designed so that your body positioning on the machine is ergonomically correct. You won't strain any of your muscles or ligaments because the body is situated the way it should be when using an elliptical machine. Anyone with low back problems would be able to workout on the Edge very comfortably and efficiently.

The self-powered programs lets you choose one of the 11 workouts with the push of a button. You can work your way up through the 15 levels of intensity or choose the heart rate program to automatically set the right intensity you need for your target heart rate.

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