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reebok RL 645 elliptical
reebok RL 645 elliptical

Reebok RL 645 elliptical

Reebok RL645 Elliptical The Reebok RL645 elliptical provide an smooth and quiet workout with the digital magnetic resistance. This machine has 6 preset workout programs for you to choose from, but is also iFit compatible.

This means you are not stuck to using these 6 programs because the machine is compatible with other programs that you buy or download from the Internet.

There are many CDs that will give you a workout complete with the voice of a trainer who will give you instructions and help to keep you motivated. Some of the features of the Reebok RL645 are:

  • Pulse sensor located in the handgrips. All you have to do to find out your pulse is grip a little harder and the numbers will come up on the console display screen. This feature helps you to know when you are exercising at your target heart rate fro the maximum burning of calories.
  • Reverse motion. By being able to pedal in reverse, you can exercise all the major muscle groups in your body in a different way that with the forward motion, this targeting all areas.
  • Interactive Workouts. You can run workout programs from CDs, videos and even from the Internet to give you almost limitless choice in the workout programming you want.
  • Storage. You can create your won workouts and store them in the machine. This is an excellent feature that lets you choose the best of all workouts and combine them in one that has many different focus points. You can get a varied workout with different incline and resistance levels.
  • Interval Courses. This feature lets you have different courses at certain intervals in your routine.
  • Display features. The readouts from the display tell you the time that has elapsed, hoe many calories you burned in the session, hoe many calories you are burning per minute, the resistance level, your heart rate, speed and distance travelled. All these features allow you to know how you are progressing at each step of your session so that you can make adjustments if they are necessary. You can also use the information to compare one exercise session to another to evaluate your progress.

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