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New Balance 9.5 elliptical review
New Balance 9.5 elliptical review

New Balance 9.5e elliptical review

The New Balance 9.5e elliptical has been called the ultimate elliptical for home use. The new technology that has been added to this machine places it far above the 9.5 from New Balance.

In fact the technology has been designed to enhance the performance of all users because this elliptical offers more comfort for taller people who like to workout.

The foot pedals and the seat are larger with features designed with comfort and reliability in mind. The foot pedals have texture and contour with a non-slip surface to ensure that you feet stay on the pedals.

The seat is wider and has more foam padding than in the older models. In addition, the new features of the 9.5e elliptical are:

  • Ergonomic handgrips. These handgrips are softer and conform to your fingers. The electronic pulse sensors are built in and all you have to do to find out your heart rate is press on the grip. The heart rate will automatically come up on the display.
  • Solaris Console. This feature precisely illuminates the parts of the console that you are using which keeps your exercise routine on track. It gives you a readout of your time, speed, distance, heart rate and calories burned. It even tells you the number of carbohydrates you are burning and the level of incline you are working on. This allows you to customize your workout based on your needs.
  • New Balance 9.5E Elliptical Trainer
  • iFit Compatibility. This feature lets you use optional workouts in addition to the 15 programs already preset in the machine. Up to four users can customize and store their workout plan in this elliptical.
  • Frictionless resistance. You can adjust the intensity of the workout without any interruption of your workout.
  • Cooling fans. The fans on this elliptical have four settings that automatically adjusts the breeze blowing on you to keep you cool and dry as you workout. This feature helps to prevent you from becoming overheated and alloes you to have an enjoyable, yet intense workout.

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New Balance 9.5E

New Balance 9.5E Elliptical Trainer
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