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New Balance 9.0 elliptical review
New Balance 9.0 elliptical review

New Balance 9.0e elliptical review

The 9.0e model has replaced the New Balance 9.0 elliptical so that taller and heavier people can exercise in comfort. Everything has been made larger on this machine, from the foot pedals to the seat.

This machine can accommodate users up to 6 feet tall, while still accommodating people of medium heights. This feature provides households with an option of having one machine for all users, instead of having to have a small and a large machine to accommodate everybody.

The elliptical is designed to provide an extremely comfortable workout for all parts of your body.

New Balance 9.0E Elliptical Trainer
The foot pedals on the 9.0e are much larger than the 9.0 and are better suited to preventing your feet from slipping off. These pedals are textured and contoured to grip the soles of your footwear and keep your feet in place. No matter how tall you are you will always get the perfect positioning for your feet.

The foot pedals are also closer together than the 9.0 so that you can remain upright and have a natural stride. The seat is wider and contains more foam padding so that you can easily stay on the elliptical for your desired length of time.

With 8 levels of resistance and 13 programs to choose from, there is something on this elliptical to suit all users no matter what experience they have with using this type of exercise equipment.

Even the handgrips on the 9.0e have been redesigned to make them more comfortable. They have a soft surface and the easy grasp conforms to your fingers. They also have pulse sensors built in to provide you with continuous information about your heart rate all through your exercise routine.

There are both forward and reverse motions on this elliptical to target all the muscle groups in the body and to exercise them in different ways. With the linked arm levers, you will get a total body workout that is next to none.

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New Balance 9.0E

New Balance 9.0E Elliptical Trainer
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