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Momentum 700 elliptical review
Momentum 700 elliptical review

Momentum 700 elliptical review

The Momentum 700 is designed to add innovation to your daily workout. In addition to the low impact exercise, this machine has many aerobic benefits to give you a great cardiovascular workout.

You will feel as if you are exercising at a professional gym with the Step by Step electronic workout console, the adjustable resistance levels and the extra-long stride. The stride length ensures that you will get the most of out working your lower body muscles and it also means that this machine will accommodate a wide range of users.

The moveable upper arms on this machine assure you that you will target your upper body muscles as well. You get all the exercising features on one machine so you don't have to have extra equipment to make sure your body is getting a total workout.

You can make adjustments to the resistance level and the angle of incline at any time during the workout without any interruptions. This feature lets you start off at an easy pace and gradually work your way up to a more challenging workout as you get into it. Then you can slow down the pace as you cool down.

This machine does not have a heart rate monitor or programmed workouts for you to choose from. It does give you a readout of approximately how many calories you burn in each session and the number of strides you make.

The machine is one of the least expensive on the market, but it still gives you a good workout that will help you firm and tone your muscles to compliment your weight loss program. Even if you are not on a diet, this machine is great for just keeping in shape and building strength and stamina.

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