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Life Fitness x9i elliptical review
Life Fitness x9i elliptical review

Life Fitness x9i elliptical review

The features of the Life Fitness x9i elliptical that really appeal to users are that it is safe, smooth, quiet, sturdy and durable.

Consumers describe this machine as one that works like a dream with a high range of resistance levels for the perfect workout. Life Fitness calls this elliptical the ultimate home version of the health club model and they are right.

It is quiet enough for you to watch TV while you are exercising and it is strong enough to withstand many hours of pedaling.

The x9i features 20 levels of resistance so you are sure of getting the workout intensity that fits your exercise experience and your needs. It provides a challenge for everyone, even those who are in great physical condition.

The interactive console tells you how many calories you burned during your exercise, your heart rate, the RPMs , the miles and the time elapsed. The fact that it takes account of the time each person is exercising allows you to pedal away without having to keep looking at your watch.

You don't have to set a time limit into the machine- just glance at the console once in a while to find out how long you have been on the machine.

You have to wear a wireless strap for the console to be able to monitor and display your heart rate as you exercise. This is very accurate and ensures that you get the most out of your workout.

The strap fastens around your upper abdominals and the machine adjusts the intensity to suit your heart rate. If you want to set the resistance level you can do so, but with 18 programmed routines to choose from there really isn't any need. These routines range from easy to strenuous and you can set a goal to get through each one of them over time.

Some of these programs will adjust the resistance based on the feedback received regarding your heart rate. For example, if you are not working hard enough to increase your heart rate at the current level of resistance, the machine will increase it to a level where you will get a good cardio workout and stay within your target zone.

You can save your results and use them as comparisons with past or future sessions and if there are certain programs that you really like, you can save up to 7 favorites.

The incline level on this machine is fixed, but you can get an intense workout from the increasing levels of resistance. This machine is expensive, but if you shop around, you will be able to get many manufactured models at reduced prices.

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