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life fitness 9500 elliptical rear drive
life fitness 9500 elliptical rear drive

Life Fitness 9500 Elliptical rear drive

Even with the Life fitness 9500 elliptical rear drive remanufactured models, you still have all the features that you are used to using on Life Fitness exercise equipment.

This us a commercial grade machine just like the ones you use at the health or recreation center. It is actually the world's top performing elliptical machine that features the LifePulse digital heart monitoring system - the most accurate system on the market.

You can be sure of getting an accurate readout of your heart rate each time you exercise. This machine combines the techniques of natural running and walking to give you a cardiovascular and muscular workout. The rear drive has the elliptical system in the rear of the machine.

The upper body arm movements of the 9500 ellipticals provides you with a total body workout because you are using both your upper and lower body muscles in a synchronized movements.

One machine gives you the best workout for all the major muscle groups so you don't need to use another machine to get your upper body in shape.

The maximum weight that this machine can hold is 400 pounds enabling anyone to be able to get the exercise you need to take off the excess pounds. As you are exercising the display will tell you how many calories you have burned.

Combined with a weight loss program that counts calories, you can get an accurate read out to help you monitor your daily calorie intake. Although the incline level is fixed, there 20 resistance levels to choose from with 9 pre-set programs to vary your workout.

This machine offers a low impact high intensity workout that won't do any harm to your joints and bones making it the ideal fitness equipment for those with back or joint problems.

The dual action of using both your arms and legs at the same time saves time in exercising and with the passive motion, the machine stops when you stop. It is well worth the expensive price tag because it is the only machine you need to purchase.

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Life Fitness 9500

Mega Fitness - top elliptical choice for professional athletes & novices alike
The elliptical choice for the world's top facilities from high-traffic health clubs to the armed forces and athletic training centers. Some models feature the exclusive Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring system. The total body cross-trainers combine the cardiovascular/muscular benefits of running and the low impact of walking.

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