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life fitness 9500 crosstrainer hr
life fitness 9500 crosstrainer hr review

Life Fitness 9500 Crosstrainer HR review

The Life Fitness 9500 Crosstrainer HR is a front drive model of the elliptical machine. It is designed to provide you with maximum results in minimum time.

The smooth low impact stride is synchronized with the upper body movements so that you exercise all the major muscles groups at the same time.

This model is a heavy duty elliptical, well able to withstand heavy users and many users. It is one of the models of elliptical machines that you would find at a commercial gym, so you know that it can stand up to heavy use for long periods of time.

The sunchronized pulling an pushing movements provide an excellent cardio vascular workout that gets your heart pumping at a high rate to burn up the extra calories in your body.

You can see your heart rate in the message center enabling you to keep track of the rate and to know when you are exercising at the optimum level for your target heart rate. The Interactive zone on the machine will keep the intensity at the level of your target heart rate so that you have the proper amount of cardiovascular exercise.

This crosstrainer employs advanced elliptical technology that gives you a smooth workout with low impact because of the offset crank design of the machine.

When you want to stop or reverse directions the brake button brings the machine to a smooth slow stop so that you can easily change the direction of your exercise movements.

Using both the forward and reverse motions lets you exercise your muscles in different ways. The platform is large so you have no difficulty getting on or off this machine.

The side hand rolls on the CT 9500 provide extra balance and safety just in case you feel that you might slip off the machine. This feeling is normal for the first time you use the machine, but once you get used to it you probably won't bother with these handles.

No matter what size your feet are, the pedals are wide enough to accommodate them and the service menu on this machine allows you to set a time limit for your workout. It also gives you the maximum hourly usage so you can keep track of your exercise time.

With the 20 resistance levels on this machine there are smaller increments between the levels allowing you to easily move from one level to the next.

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Life Fitness 9500

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