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kettler mondeo elliptical trainer review
kettler mondeo elliptical trainer review

Kettler mondeo elliptical trainer review

The Kettler Mondeo elliptical trainer features dynamic innovations that make this the ultimate cross training machine.

You are ensured of getting the smoothest possible workout because of the pivoting joints with double ball bearings and rear circle joints that have pendulum type bearings.

There is a jumbo display feature that keeps you informed of every step of your progress. You get a read out of your time, distance, speed, the number of calories burned, and your heart rate.

The heart rate monitors are built into the hand grips so you don't have to bother with an electronic ear clip, even though that choice is provided with an ear clip included in your purchase. The cardio pulse set is sold separately.

There are 8 workout programs preset in the machine and a heart controlled workout to ensure that you stay within your target-training zone. This prevents you from overdoing it and exceeding your target heart rate.

There are an amazing 30 levels of resistance to choose from so that you can work on endurance and stamina training once you reach your desired level of weight loss.

The backward and forward movements allow you to provide the maximum workout for all the muscles of your body for total body fitness. The wide foot plates feature a non-slip surface so you won't feel as if you may lose you balance and accidentally slip off the machine.

In addition, the Mondeo has wheels on the front to make it easy to move this machine to any room in your home. The stride length is 16 incles - a little short of the ideal stride, but with all the features for an efficient workout.

You don't have to stop exercising to get a refreshing drink because there is a bottle holder built in to hold you water.

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