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Kettler Astro Cross Trainer review
Kettler Astro Cross Trainer review

Kettler Astro Cross Trainer review

If you want a maintenance-free elliptical machine, the Kettler Astro cross trainer has a maintenance free magnetic brake system that will provide you with good balance.

This cross trainer has a removable training computer. When you first get the machine and set it up, this training computer gives you instructions on how to use the machine and the different exercise programs.

When you are sure that you know everything there is to know about the Astro and are sure that you know how to do the exercises the correct way, you can remove the trainer from the machine so it won't bother you each time you start your routine.

There is a jumbo sized console screen with readouts for measuring time, pulse rate, distance covered during session, total distance covered, speed, every consumption, recovery pulse measurement with fitness mark between 1 and 6, automatic scanning function. No other machine offers all these features. You can measure every step of your progress to help you determine how you are doing.

The Astro has two methods of measuring your pulse to get a reading for your heart rate. You can choose to use the heart rate monitor built into the hand grips, but if you like to let go of the rails for short periods of time, then you can use electronic ear clips that monitor your pulse.

Both are included with the machine, so the choice is yours. There are back and forth movement sequences to maximize the workout for the muscles and to make sure that all muscles get the workout they need.

There are ergonomic rods if you want to have a different type of training and trim your torso. There is also an additional grip if you want to use this feature on the machine.

There are non-slip foot pedals so you can exercise in your bare feet if you want to. The incline feature is fixed on this machine and a twist knob manually controls the resistance levels through a range of 1 to 10.

This means that the resistance will not naturally increase or decrease as you exercise, but rather that you have to choose the level you need.

There are no preset programs to choose from, but there are features that other brand name ellipticals do not have. For example, once you target heart rate has been reached a visual alarm will sound to alert you to the fact that the upper limit has been reached and that you should keep within this range.

There is bi-directional movement to allow you to move backwards or forwards to maximize the calorie burning and workout all the muscles in your body.

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