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Horizon E54HR Elliptical Cross Trainer review
Horizon E54HR Elliptical Cross Trainer review

Horizon E54HR Elliptical Cross Trainer review

The Horizon E54 HR elliptical cross trainer has 10 workout programs built into the machine, including one heart rate program.

These are settings on the machine that you can choose to give you different workout options in which the resistance increases to keep you motivated through the exercise routine.

This model has oversized footpads that accommodate a wider range of users. These pedals glide easily and provide you with a smooth workout. 

You will get a total body workout with the E54HR because by using the arm handles and the foot pedals you work the upper and lower muscles simultaneously.

You don't have to get off an elliptical machine and them workout on another type of fitness equipment to work out other muscles. Just 20 minutes a day will help you target every major muscle group in your body to maximize the number of calories you burn.

It also helps you to maximize your cardio workout.

The handgrips contain a monitor for your heart rate. This feature, especially the heart rate program, automatically adjusts the resistance level to increase the heart rate to the desired target rate.

This helps you to make sure that your heart is getting the cardio workout it needs and that you are not overdoing it. With the programs built in, you don't have to guess the resistance level you need because the program does it for you.

Of course, you can choose to increase the level with just the touch of a button if you do not want to use any of the programs.

Each of the programs has a built in warm up and cool down feature so that you will not do any damage to your muscles or heart by starting or stopping suddenly.

With an elliptical machine, your feet never leave the ground providing a low impact workout that won't put undue stress on your bones and joints.

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