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Horizon E53 Elliptical Cross Trainer review
Horizon E53 Elliptical Cross Trainer review

Horizon E53 Elliptical Cross Trainer review

The Horizon E53 elliptical cross trainer is one of the Horizon series of cross trainers designed for use in your home.

This machine can support weights of up to 275 pounds so that heavier people can exercise in the comfort of their homes and not have to visit a commercial fitness center for their exercise needs.

This model has improvements over older models in the design of the pedals. It has a unique footpad that pivots to give you a smoother and more fluid elliptical movement when you are working out.

This movement simulates the natural movements of walking or jogging with low impact and stress on the joints and bones. 

There are 6 workout programs to choose from. These are designed to suit all users from the beginner to the more experienced user on an elliptical machine. Most beginners tend to start off at the lowest level and gradually work up through the programs.

This machine has 20 levels of resistance to choose from that you can adjust while you are striding along.

The highest level is the most strenuous level you can find on any elliptical machine and is well suited for experienced users who want to build stamina in addition to molding and sculpting the muscles. 

This Horizon model has a built in fan to help you remain cool while you are exercising. This fan helps to control your body temperature so that you don't get overheated or become dehydrated while working out.

Since the machine does not have a built in bottle holder, you would need to have a bottle of water handy, probably on a small table next to the machine. This would prevent having to stop to get a drink of water.

You do need to keep up the momentum and you need to cool down before you stop in order to let the muscles cool down in a natural way. 

This model also has a better warranty. The lifetime warranty on the frame exists on all Horizon models, but the E53 has a ten-year warranty on the brakes. This assures users that the company stands behind its product and are confident that the machines are well able to meet the demands of users. 

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