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Horizon E52 Elliptical Cross Trainer review
Horizon E52 Elliptical Cross Trainer review

Horizon E52 Elliptical Cross Trainer review

The Horizon E52 elliptical cross trainer builds on its predecessor, the E 51. This is a commercial grade elliptical designed for home use but is well able to withstand rigorous exercising.

This Horizon model has a wider range of resistance level - from 1 to 20. Twenty is a very strenuous level, but being a commercial grade machine it is ideal for those who are well used to exercising and is able to workout at this level.

For the beginner, the best way to start is to choose a lower level and work up through the resistance levels are you start to tone and sculpt the muscles. 

There are 4 workout programs built into this machine. This allows variety in your workout because you can work through each of the programs and use the one that best suits your need.

This is a wonderful feature in a household where several family members use the elliptical cross trainer and all are at different fitness levels.

The quick keys on the machine make it very easy for you to change the program at any time you wish- even if you decide you want a change part way through your workout. 

The large screen on the console gives you a readout of all the numbers you need regarding your workout. The numbers are easy to read and keep you informed about your progress all throughout the exercise session.

You can track the distance you travel within the time you choose, your speed, the calories burned and your heart rate.

The monitor for the heart rate is built into the handgrips so you don't have to wear a chest strap to make sure you are not going over your target heart rate.

This Horizon elliptical carries a 7 year warranty on the brakes but a lifetime warranty on the frame. This gives you peace of mind that if something does go wrong with the brakes or frame, it will not cost you any money to have the repairs done. 

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