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Horizon E51 Elliptical Cross Trainer review
Horizon E51 Elliptical Cross Trainer review

Horizon E51 Elliptical Cross Trainer review

A Horizon 51 Elliptical cross trainer will provide with the total body workout that you want to have. Using your arms and legs at the same time gets all your muscles moving ans helps you to work up to your target heart rate. It also provides you with the cardio workout your heart needs without any of the impact on your joints and bones that a walk or jog would cause. There is also less stress on your knees using the E51 because of the fluid elliptical movements. 

The resistance levels on this model range from 1 to 15, with 1 being the lightest and 15 being the most strenuous. Most users who are not used to exercising start off with the lowest level and work their way up as their stamina increases and the muscles become toned. The stride length is 16 inches, which is not too bad, although some tall users may find it a little uncomfortable. The ideal stride length is from17 to 21 inches. The pedal is 30 inches so that you have plenty of room and will not have the feeling that you might slip off on one of the ellipses.

This machine features a SMARTboard console that displays your time, distance, speed, heart rate and calories burned. You don't have to break your stride because all of this information is easy to read with just a glance. The hand grips measure your pulse rate as you exercise so you will always know what your heart rate is during your session. You can work up to your target heart rate and then keep it at that level doe the maximum cardiovascular workout. 

There is no warm up or cool down option on this machine, so you have to know that you do need to do this yourself. You can cause damage to your ligaments and muscles if you start exercising too fast and you need to slow down the speed, rather than just jump off when your time is up. 

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