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Healthrider E330 Elliptical review
Healthrider E330 Elliptical review

Healthrider E330 Elliptical review

One of the Healthrider elliptical models, the Healthrider E330 is a very sturdy machine for your workout.

It is, however, very heavy, so you shouldn't expect to move it around from room to room. One of the features of this machine that consumers love for their workout is the incline.

Like many of the more expensive ellipticals, the E330 has the foot pedals and arms roll up and down the incline path to add to the smoothness of the stride. It also lessens the chances of the pedals coming loose or seizing up.

There are 3 programs on the console - aerobic, fat burner and stamina building. This allows you to choose the one that best suits your need for exercise and all the time the console displays how you are doing by counting the laps.

The heart rate monitor is on the special lower handle bars so you always know your pulse rate and whether or not you are exercising to the maximum to reach your target heart rate.

This is a healthy feature because it prevents you from overdoing it when you exercise. A series of red bars show you the target pace and the actual pace is displayed right next to it. This helps you to set a goal and motivates you to workout.

The moving arms help you to make sure you are workout out the upper muscles at the same time as the lower muscles.

This provides a simultaneous workout of all the major muscle groups in the body so you only need to exercise on one machine. 

One feature of this machine that consumers have difficulty with is the short stride. It is great for shorter people, but taller individuals find that it is rather uncomfortable.

Many people look at the cheaper price tag and find that they will adapt to the short stride. If you do decide to buy this model for the cheaper price, you won't find a better elliptical on the market. 

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