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Healthrider 895e Elliptical review
Healthrider 895e Elliptical review

Healthrider 895e Elliptical review

The Healthrider 895e elliptical offers one touch power incline.

With this feature you can change the incline while you are exercising to add variety to every workout.

Start off walking as if you are just walking down the street and increase and decrease the incline at regular intervals so you have the feeling of striding up and down hills getting a great workout.

You can use the same technology allows you to change the resistance level. For beginners who want to start out and work up this is a great feature.

If you have someone in your family who works out on a regular basis, he/she can adjust the resistance to fit the individual workout needs.

This elliptical machine features a Cool Aire fan to keep your legs cool while you are using the machine. This allows you to stay fresh and invigorated instead of tiring quickly because of the water you are losing from your body.

The fully featured console lets to keep track of every move by giving you a reading of the distance you travel and your speed. This feature lets you set a goal for yourself and compete with yourself to gain maximum benefits from your workout. 

The console also displays your heart rate as you exercise and displays the target heart rate for your program. This feature ensures that you can have a healthy workout to give your heart a good cardio workout without putting any undue stress on the heart muscle.

The low impact intensity of this elliptical is aided by the soft cushioning technology designed to absorb any impacts and allow you to exercise without doing any damage to your joints and bones. 

The 895e elliptical features 6 training programs, 2 of which are heart rate programs. This provides you with different levels of training and resistance as well as allowing you variety in the type of workout your choose. 

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