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Healthrider 865e Elliptical review
Healthrider 865e Elliptical review

Healthrider 865e Elliptical review

Running in place on the Healthrider 865e elliptical gives you a low impact workout because of the cushioning used in the design.

The cushion absorbs the impact and you will not put any undue stress on your joints and bones.

The biggest advantage is that you do not put any stress on your knees because you do now always have to be bending them with each step you take. This machine allows you to change resistance whenever you want and give you the impression of going uphill and down.

There is a diagram with this machine to show you exactly what muscles are benefiting from the different resistance levels. If you feel you need to work some muscles more than others, you can keep a certain resistance level or use it more than others.

The Healthrider 865e has a single panel of buttons so that you can change the incline and resistance without missing your stride. The expanded console tracks your heart rate for a healthy workout.

You enter your target heart rate and the machine keeps track of how you are doing with reaching this rate and it also details how you are doing in each training zone.

There are 12 specially designed training programs for you to choose from to add variety to your routine and to fit with your exercise style. 8 of these programs are belonging to the Smart program and 2 are related to cardiovascular training.

With the interactive features of the program you can use a CD and feel as if you have your own personal trainer guiding and motivating you.

This Heathrider elliptical also has Cool Aire technology to keep your legs cool as your workout. This keeps you from becoming overheated and able to keep going longer getting the most out of your workout. 

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