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gazelle freestyle glider review
gazelle freestyle glider review

Gazelle freestyle glider review

The Gazelle Freestyle Glider is the one that Tony Little advertises on television.

This machine is designed to give you an aerobic workout with low impact on your joints and bones in one piece of fitness equipment.

There is a 5 function workout computer that provides a scan feature and the machine gives you immediate feedback on your time, speed, distance, the approximate number of calories you burned and the strides per minute.

This gives you all the information your need to make any necessary adjustments to bring your workout into line with what you want for each session.

Even though the machine looks to be fragile, it will not tip when you are on it. It takes up very little floor space and can accommodate users that weigh up to 350 pounds. The footpads are large and have an edge on them that prevents your feet from slipping off.

However, they do move on their own when you get on and off, so you have to be careful. The handles move in coordination with your leg movements to give you a total body workout for your upper and lower muscles.

The heart rate monitor is located in the handles, which are very comfortable to hold. If you don't rely too heavily on the handles to do the work of moving your arms you can get a really good cardiovascular workout on this machine.

When you purchase a Gazelle, you will also receive a video that shows you how to get the most out of all your workouts. This video explains the Power Pistons for changing the resistance level on the machine.

One thing that most users find bothersome about this system is that you do have to get off the machine in order to change the resistance level. There are three levels of resistance - beginner, intermediate and advanced.

As you get used to exercising you can change the resistance level to match your level of experience. There are no programs to vary the workout such as climbing hills or reverse movements. You do get a nutrition guide with the machine to help you with a weight loss program.

If you are ready to make a purchase, the selected merchant(s) below make it easy to find the right elliptical to meet your fitness needs, budget and lifestyle.


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