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Fitness Quest Eclipse 6000 Elliptical
Fitness Quest Eclipse 6000 Elliptical

Fitness Quest Eclipse 6000 elliptical

The Fitness Quest Eclipse 6000 Elliptical has been called the Cadillac of elliptical machines.

It features a better computer system than some of the other Fitness Quest Eclipse models.

While this might not be important to some users, the computer read outs that tell you how many calories you burn and give you your heart rate while you exercise are very important pieces of information.

There are 8 preset programs in this computer, which takes the guess work of how long and hard you need to exercise.

The resistance levels make it easy to start as a beginner or to set a higher intensity level if you are used to using such a machine for your workout.

The different programs and intensity levels allow to have a variety of workouts so that you don't get bored doing the same thing every day.

The Eclipse 6000 features an ECB system that provides you with electronic magnetic resistance for a smooth quiet exercise routine.

You don't want to have a machine that is so noisy you can't listen to music while you are using it or one that will be heard all over the house.

With the 6000, it doesn't matter whether you are using it in forward or reverse - it remains quiet throughout all ranges of motion. The stride of the machine matches the one you normally use when walking.

This doesn't put any undue strain on your leg muscles as you try to keep up with a long step.

With the console telling you how many calories you burn, you can adjust the intensity level to give you the same workout as you would have from jogging uphill.

The only difference is that the impact of your joints and bones is greatly reduced. You also get a workout for your upper body because the elliptical machine provides a total body workout, utilizing the muscles of your arms, legs and chest. 

The only problem that consumers have noted with the Eclipse 6000 is that it tends to sway from side to side.

While some consumers are not happy with this feature, others are quite pleased with its performance. They say that in spite of the swaying, there is no chance of losing your balance and tipping the machine.

It is very light and easy to move from place to place, so you can change your mind about where you want to do your workout.

If you wish, you can workout at the same time as you watch your favorite television program one day and exercise in the rec room the next. 

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