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Fitness Quest Eclipse 5000 Elliptical
Fitness Quest Eclipse 5000 Elliptical

Fitness Quest Eclipse 5000 Elliptical

Consumers who have purchased the Fitness Quest Eclipse 5000 elliptical are delighted no only with the price but with the weight of the machine.

This Eclipse is light and you can easily pick it up and carry to another part of the house.

There are different settings built into the machine, so that anyone from beginner to experienced can use the machine and get a good workout. The display is impressive because it shows the level you have chosen and the length of time you set it for.

If you make a mistake, theer is no problem to change it. As you are working out the display counts down the time and records the distance you have travelled on the machine.

It also tells you the number of calories you burned, making it easy for you to calculate your daily intake.

The motion of this elliptical is similar to cross-country skiing giving you a total body workout. You work the muscles in your arms, shoulders and chest just as much as you do the legs and hips.

The best part is that the muscles get the workout they need to help you shape up without putting major impact on the joints and bones. When you are running or using a treadmill, every time you put your foot down you are jarring the joints and decreasing the strength of your bones.

With using the Eclipse 5000, this effect is lessened because of the fluid motion and the natural stride you use.

You may need to level the Eclipse 5000 if you are using it on an uneven floor. The machine does tend to sway from side to side but this does not take away from the intensity of the workout.

Although it has bothered some consumers, most don't seem to mind it all. They say that once you get used to the swaying motion, it becomes a natural part of the daily workout.

The large footpads keep your feet from slipping off, so there is no danger of you losing your balance. 

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