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Fitness Quest Eclipse 2100HR/A Elliptical
Fitness Quest Eclipse 2100HR/A Elliptical

Fitness Quest Eclipse 2100HR/A Elliptical

The Fitness Quest Eclipse 2100 HR/A offers an expanded magnetic and electronic resistance from that found on the Eclipse 2100 HR.

Where the 2100 HR has a contact heart rate monitor, the HR/A model has the pulse rate monitor in the handlebars of the elliptical.

As soon as you turn on the machine, choose one of the preset programs, and out your hands on the handlebars, the machine starts to monitor your heart rate.

Before you start exercising, you do need to know what your target heart rate si, so by using the monitor you will always know whether or not you are exercising to get the best cardiovascular workout that your body needs.

Both of these ellipticals give you a total body workout by working both your arms and legs in a fluid natural motion.

This way all of the muscle groups in your body get the workout they need for burning calories.

The computerized console will give you a readout of how long you are on the machine, the distance you travelled and the approximate number of calories you have burned in your workout.

This information allows you to compete against yourself as you try to build up more and more stamina to stay on the machine longer and travel farther in subsequent sessions.

If you are exercising for weight loss and are counting calories, knowing how many you burn when exercising lets you calculate your daily intake by subtracting what you burn from what you eat.

By deciding how long you want to exercise before you start, the machine will keep track of how much time you have left and will let you know when the time is up.

Both machines also have forward and reverse motion.

The stride is what some consumers do not like about these machines - only 15 inches. The best stride for a good workout should be between 19 and 21 inches to make sure you are really tackling the muscle groups in your legs and stretching them out.

However, the shorter stride does match a normal walking pace and is better for those just getting started using ellipticals.

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Fitness Quest 2100HR


Elliptical Trainer Eclipse 2100 HR
Eclipse 2100 HR
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