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Fitness Quest Eclipse 1100 HR/A Elliptical
Fitness Quest Eclipse 1100 HR/A Elliptical

Fitness Quest Eclipse 1100 HR/A elliptical

For a good combination of performance and affordability the Fitness Eclipse models are worth a second look.

Both of these are built of solid steel and are very durable.

You won't find the swaying problem that is common on other Eclipse models which is why they are a common choice among those who regularly use elliptical machines.

There a ten present programs for you to choose from on the 1100HR/A model so that you can vary your exercise routine on a daily basis if your wish. Usually the programs are sorted from beginner to advanced and first time users start at the lower levels and work their way up.

This number of programs assures users that the machine has something for everyone from the novice to the pro. If you have the 1100 HR model there are only 6 preset programs for you to choose from. 

Elliptical Trainer Eclipse 1100 HR

The Eclipse 1100 HR is very compact and has castor wheels to make it easier for you to move around.

If you want to watch TV in the living room while you work out all you have to do is tilt the elliptical forward and wheel it to the location. Then you can simply wheel it back to wherever you normally have it when you are finished.

This model has electric magnetic resistance built into the programming. You can adjust either of the 10 programs with one touch and the resistance automatically changes with the program. 

The Eclipse 1100 HR/A has the pulse rate monitor built into the handlebars. These hand pulse sensors give immediate feedback on the heart rate so you will always know if you are giving your body a cardio workout based on your target heart rate.

The Eclipse HR has dual action handlebars that are curved and fitted with rubber grips for easy handling. The foot pads are large and slip resistant so you feel comfortable when using this elliptical. 

Both Eclipse models use the orbital linkage system to provide a low impact easy stride with a smaller arc.

The stride length is 15 inches, shorter than other elliptical brands, but designed to give you a more natural stride with less stress on the joints. 

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Fitness Quest 1100 HR


Elliptical Trainer Eclipse 1100 HR
Eclipse 1100 HR
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