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Fitness Quest Eclipse 1000HR Elliptical
Fitness Quest Eclipse 1000HR Elliptical

Fitness Quest eclipse 1000HR elliptical

With the Fitness Quest 1000HR elliptical, you don't have to worry about adjusting the foot peddles.

They are large enough to accommodate you r feet comfortable do you never have the feeling that you might fall off.

They are also slip resistant so you can exercise in your bare feet or in your socks. You don't have to make sure that you are wearing footwear. 

The elliptical stride of the Eclipse 1000 is the same as other Eclipse models - 15 inches.

The shorter elliptical arc is designed to help you feel natural when you are gliding in the smooth fluid motion and not have to strain your leg muscles with a long stride.

Combined with the fluidity and smoothness, the short stride provides you with the ultimate workout with the lowest impact on your joints and bones. 

You don't have to squint to try to read the numbers on the console screen. Your heart rate, time, distance, and calories burned are all displayed in large numbers making it quite easy for you to keep track of all the vital information as you continue to exercise.

There are 6 preset programs and 2 heart control programs. You simply choose the program you need and the machine automatically sets the resistance you need.

You don't have to bother with setting resistance knobs to get the intensity you need. You can enter the target heart rate you want to attain and the machine will keep track of your progress.

In addition to the variety of programs on the 1000HR, you can customize a program to match your individual specifications. This allows you flexibility in how you exercise. 

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