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Endurance Xtrainer 4.01 elliptical
Endurance Xtrainer 4.01 elliptical

Endurance Xtrainer 4.01 elliptical

The Endurance Xtrainer 4.01 is a model of elliptical machines that allows you to lock and unlock the handles.

You can decide to work all the major muscle groups in your body by having the handles move or you can focus on the lower muscles by locking the handles into position.

In the locked position, the elliptical works like a low impact treadmill. The fluid movements of the elliptical tread do not produce any jarring movements that put stress on bones and joints.

You enjoy a treadmill work out without putting any stress on your knees. Although this feature will add variety to your workout program, it sort of defeats the intention of having an elliptical machine because you don't get the intended total body workout.

With an Endurance Xtrainer 4.01, you don't have to watch any video or listen to a CD to learn how to do exercise on this machine.

You simply get on and start walking. While this is fine for those who are used to using elliptical machines, most users who purchase one for use in their home like to have the interactive features assuring them they are doing the exercises properly and will not damage any of their muscles. 

This elliptical model is very easy to use. Your workout will be smooth and fluid - in other words you will feel comfortable using this machine.

There are eight resistance levels you can set on the machine so you can increase the intensity of your workout whenever you wish.

You can work your way through the levels and strive to increase your time and stamina. The console on the Xtrainer 4.01 gives you a readout of your heart rate, time, distance, speed and the calories you burn in each workout.

The heart rate is important because you want to make sure that you are exercising to give your heart the workout your need, but yet you don't want to overdo it. 

One feature of the Endurance Xtrainer 4.01 that makes it user friendly is the adjustable stride. Although the ideal stride length is between 17 and 21 inches, this may be too long for shorter people or children who use the machine.

You can adjust the stride to fit the user so that each person in the household can benefit from the elliptical. You simply adjust the stride to the length that suits you and start exercising. 

If you're not quite sure which elliptical is right for you, check out the following review of various models specifically outlined to clear up any doubts. 

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