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diamondback 800 er elliptical review
Diamondback 800 ER elliptical review

Diamondback 800 ER elliptical

The Diamondback 800 ER elliptical trainer provides a sleek workout with a smooth silent stride.

This machine features 16 levels of resistance with 2 interactive programs for measuring your heart rate.

It contains the patented Elliptical motion with its non-adjustable stride for the perfect cardio workout.

You can get a full workout in about a half an hour and give your exercise or weight loss program a boost by helping to raise the body's metabolism.

The stride stays the same you can continue using the same step throughout the whole program. The footpads are oversized so that your feet are comfortable and you will enjoy the routine much more when your feet are not slipping off narrow pedals.

The console of the 800ER has both a polar compatible heart rate receiver and a hand held receiver.

There are 5 data windows with green dot matrix display and 14 bright LED indicators.

Elliptical Trainer Diamondback 800 ER

If you like to read while you are exercising, the reading rack for holding your book or magazine is built right into the console.

The information you will receive about your workout includes the time, speed, pulse rate, the calories burned, the level of resistance and the RPM.

This is important because you can record your heart rate and notice if it starts to go too high. When you have a target heart rate that you want to attain, it is easy to exercise to your potential on this elliptical. 

The on touch control lets you select your program and you can pause a program with its 3 minute Program Saver.

The computer has 2 interactive programs built into the console and there are 3 hill profile programs.

This feature allows you to choose the program that suits your level of exercising experience.

A beginner can start off with the basic level and gradually increase the program until you reach the maximum level. With the adjustable levels of resistance, you can increase each program to match the intensity level you need for the best benefit.

The machine has a natural warm up and cool down period included in the workout programs, but you can override these if you wish.

This is an excellent feature because many people forget this important aspect of any exercise program. All exercise sessions should begin and end with low-level aerobic type exercises to get your muscles working to their potential.

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Diamondback 800 ER


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