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Star Trac Natural Runner Plus EE5230 Elliptical
Star Trac Natural Runner Plus EE5230 Elliptical

Star Trac Natural Runner Plus EE5230 elliptical

The EE 52230 model of the Star Trac Natural Runner Plus has a new upper body component. This makes it much easier to make one of your exercise sessions a cardio workout to target every major muscle group in the body.

The Natural Runner closely simulates the movement your body makes when you are walking or running so it is much easier for you to get the exercise you need on this machine. There is a longer stride so that tall as well as short people can get the workout they need and the positioning of the footplates and handlebars is designed so that your body is in the correct position when you are on the machine.

The 5230 is designed so that you do not have to try to get your body into any strange positions and that you are always comfortable when you are exercising. The upper body component helps you to burn more calories and at a faster rate than just by exercising your lower body muscles alone.

Star Trac Natural Runner PLUS EE5230 Elliptical

The biomedically correct stride minimizes the strain on your joints and muscles while still providing you with a low impact exercise on your ankles and knees.

The footplates and wedge on this elliptical feature a non-slip surface so you are quite safe when you get up a speed. This feature keeps your feet safely in position and there is no danger of slipping off and injuring yourself.

The personal trainer feature on this machine saves your training information and favorite workout programs. There are 11 unique preset programs on the machine that you can choose from and 15 levels of intensity that you can work through when you use the Quick Start programming.

When you want to track your heart rate, the polar and contact heart rate system allows you to keep track of your heart rate to ensure that you are working out for the maximum calorie burning without overdoing it.

In fact if you use the dynamic heart rate control feature the machine will automatically adjust the intensity based on your heart rate to ensure target heart rate training.

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Star Trac EE 5230

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The Natural Runner is the closest thing to running with virtually no impact. Star Trac has self-powered units, some with the longest stride, featuring quickstart and other user friendly workout features. Plenty of commercial grade machines that are a great choice for any health club or home.

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