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Reebok Body Trec Remanufactured elliptical
Reebok Body Trec Remanufactured elliptical

Reebok Body Trec Remanufactured elliptical

The Body Trec was the first elliptical machine to provide users with a total body workout. It works all your muscles but does not put any stress on your joints and bones.

It helps you to have a better workout for burning fat and reshaping your muscles than an elliptical that works on the lower body muscles only. The stride of this machine is quite smooth, simulating natural body movement when walking or running.

It enhances the muscle tone in all the major muscle groups of the body through the synchronized movement of moving the arms and legs at the same time.

The stride length on this elliptical is 21 inches - the high end of the ideal stride length. It has great calorie burning efficiency and helps to burn off the calories and fat that lead to excess weight.

The programs are named, such as "A Walk in the Park". They progress from easy to difficult such as "Vail Pass", through 8 preset programs so you have variety in your choice of workout. You can start off with the easiest program and as you become more fit, you can work your way up through all the programs.

This elliptical machine is quite compact and will not take up much room wherever you place it. There is customized software included with the Reebok Body Trec that lets you set a time for your exercise session and the machine will let you know when the time is up.

This machine is prefect for use in a busy hotel because the display can be set up to supply the information in 4 different languages - English, German, Japanese and Spanish.

Although the model is remanufactured it is still quite expensive compared to other brands and models. However, when you compare it to the price of a new Body Trec, you are getting an excellent bargain.

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