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Reebok RL725 elliptical review
Reebok RL725 elliptical review

Reebok RL725 elliptical review

The Reebok RL725 is a serious elliptical machine that is designed for someone who is serious about exercising. With 14 different preset workout programs, 10 resistance levels and two heart rate sensors, this machine is the top of the line in luxury fitness equipment.

It is also iFit compatible so that you can use other programs, CDs and videos to give you the impression of having your own personal trainer coaching and motivating you as you workout. If you want to customize your workouts, this elliptical has two programs that you can design for your needs and save on the machine.

In addition, there are four pulse driven programs and 8 programs that automatically adjust the resistance levels as you exercise.

The pulse sensors on the Reebok RL725 are located on the handlebars, but if you want to wear a chest strap, this is also an option. When you are exercising there is a cooling fan that blows a breeze on your legs to keep you comfortable and dry. This also helps to keep you from becoming overheated.

As with other elliptical brands, the handlebars move naturally with your arm movements so that you get a workout for both your upper and lower muscles. There are both forward and reverse motions so that you can vary your workout and exercise each of the muscles in different ways. This allows you to make sure that each muscle is getting the optimum workout to increase its muscle mass and enable it to burn more calories.

The machine uses silent magnetic resistance to give you a smooth, silent workout. The display provides you with information about how much time has elapsed, the number of calories you burn each time and the distance you have traveled. This allows you to keep track of your progress as you work towards your goal.

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