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Proform 880 S Elliptical review
Proform 880 S Elliptical review

Proform 880 S elliptical review

The Proform 880 S elliptical is the ultimate machine for a low impact high intensity cardiovascular workout.

This machine features the unique Reflex Step technology that gives you continuous reflex action allowing you to worker longer, harder and faster.

This is the latest technology for elliptical machines with an arc-shaped rail that flexes to absorb the impact as a response to every step you take. It springs back and is ready to absorb the shock and propel you into all your striding movements. Other features that are unique to the Proform 880 S are:

  • Inboard Rails - this features brings the pedals closer together to make your walking or running movements more natural and are close to how your body would move if you were doing these activities without the aid of a machine. It helps to make you more comfortable as you work out and enables you to have low impact on your ankles and knees.
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  • Custom Stride Pedals. There are five different positions for the pedals letting you get the maximum comfort for each session. This allows you to vary each workout by changing the size of the pedals each time to give you varied levels of impact absorption.
  • Integrated Upper Body Workout. The upper body mechanism on this elliptical is unique because it provides you with a rhythmic action allowing you to work your upper and lower body muscles in a synchronized fashion for the maximum calorie burning.

You will be able to activate and increase your weight loss with only short periods of time each day using the Proform 880 S as your choice of exercise equipment. You can keep track of your progress with the information provided on the display so you know your time, speed, calories burned and your heart rate. The pulse sensors are built into the handgrips so you can stay within your heart rate for cardio fitness. This machine also has iFit compatibility. In addition to the 8 preset workout programs, you can also use other programs on CDs or videos. You can download them form the Internet to have a truly customized workout.

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