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Proform 675 Cardio CrossTrainer Elliptical
Proform 675 Cardio CrossTrainer Elliptical

Proform 675 Cardio CrossTrainer Elliptical

The Proform 675 is an excellent elliptical for serious cross training and a cardio workout that rivals that of other ellipticals. This machine is affordably priced making it easy to fit within most household budgets when you want exercise equipment to use at home.

There is a heart rate monitor to keep you on track and a magnetic resistance that allows the machine to automatically adjust the resistance to your workout. With this feature, you don't have to stop exercising to make the adjustments and there are no interruptions to your stride.

The heart rate is monitored through the EKG sensors built into the handgrips. These are easy to use when you want to see if you are on track and within your target heart rate because all you have to do is press a little harder on the grips and the information you need is displayed on the screen.

There are no workout programs built into this elliptical, nor is it equipped with iFit technology for you to use other programs.

There are oversized foot pedals so that it is a suitable machine for all sizes of users. The 675 does have the patent pending Proform technology of Reflex Step, so that you have a zero impact workout.

This technology absorbs the chock or each step and helps to propel you along your stride making your workout much easier. You can stay on this elliptical for longer periods of time and workout more intensely because of this feature. A built in fan keeps you cool as you workout and doesn't require you to attach it each time you get on the machine.

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