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Proform 1080 S Trainer Elliptical
Proform 1080 S Interactive Trainer Elliptical

Proform 1080 S Interactive Trainer Elliptical

The Proform 1080 S elliptical machine retains the features of other Proform models and has a few extras to give you a better workout. This machine helps to keep you motivated in your exercise routine with its interactive programs.

Although you are exercising at home, the interactive feature will make you feel as if you have your own personal trainer with motivating music. The CDs you need are included with your purchase and each one contains music and the voice of an actual professional trainer to give you instructions and keep you going to the end of the routine.

Precor EFX 546
This feature combined with the Reflex Step technology that absorbs the shock of each step will help you have zero impact workout. The Reflex Step technology propels your feet into the next strides, making it very easy to workout on this elliptical.

The 1080 S contains a heart rate monitor that helps you attain your target heart rate and maintain it throughout the routine giving you the best cardiovascular workout for burning fat and toning up muscles. The pedals are adjustable to five different positions to suit all sizes of users.

These pedals can also help you target muscles in different ways to make sure that you are reaching all the muscle groups in your body. With the moveable upper arms, you move your upper and lower body simultaneously giving you an total body workout.

There is a Competitor Control Panel so you can compete against yourself. This feature lets you track your exercise progress and keeps you informed of your goals. The interactive display lets you see the time elapsed, the speed and distance, the pulse and the calories you have burned. A built in fan helps to keep you cool throughout the workout session.

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