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Precor elliptical 5.33 review
Precor elliptical 5.33 review

Precor elliptical 5.33 review

This elliptical offers a low impact cardiovascular workout to turn your muscles into lean muscle mass. There is no impact on your joints and bones because your feet never leave the pedals and you don't have to be constantly bending your knees.

There are both forward and reverse motions to let you target the muscles in different ways to make sure they get the full benefit of the workout. This elliptical has upper arm movements so that you can exercise your upper body muscles in synchronized movements with your legs and lower back muscles.

The EFX 5.33 provides you with a high intensity workout that won't leave you as exerted and beat out as the traditional ellipticals. This allows you to work harder and longer during each session on the 5.33.

With the onboard computer, the lights indicate which muscles you are exercising during your workout. There is also a Smart Rate indicator for your heart rate and it will give you the information you need for a more focused workout. This indicator lets you know when your heart rate is above or below that of your desired weight loss and if it is within the proper range for a good cardiovascular workout for a healthy heart.

There are 8 programmed workouts preset on the 5.33. The CrossRamp is not adjustable on this machine, but is fixed at a 25 degree angle. This angle is desirable for working and toning the muscles of the lower body, especially the glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings and calves.

The large footplates are designed so that anybody can use this machine no matter how short or tall they are. There are 20 levels of resistance ranging from easy to strenuous allowing you to choose the workout that suits your experience with exercising.

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