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Precor Elliptical 5.17 review
Precor Elliptical 5.17 review

Precor Elliptical 5.17 review

The Precor elliptical 5.17 is a good basic elliptical to have in your home for you to use for a private workout. It doesn't have all the extras that you would find on higher priced machines, but it reliable and will provide you with a good cardiovascular workout.

It is fairly small, so it doesn't require a lot of space to set it up, but you do need to have it next to an electrical outlet because it has to be plugged in. You have to purchase the heart rate monitor extra if you wich to have this feature on the elliptical.

There are only three pre-programmed workouts - manual, glutes and weight loss. In each of these the machine automatically increases the incline to target the appropriate muscle groups.

The arms are fixed on this EFX model, but if you want them to move as you move the pedals, you can have this feature added to the machine. It does provide a low impact workout, which is easier on your legs and knees because it does not put stress on the joints and bones.

It operates very quietly letting you watch TV if you want as you exercise. It also contains a reading rack so you can read or study while working out.

This elliptical contains the CrossRamp feature that lets you adjust the incline to target specific muscles. There is a reference chart that guides you through the inclines by telling you which level is best for each muscle group.

The electronic readout tells you how much time you spend during the session, the calories you burned, your speed and distance. This lets you see at a glance how you are progressing and you can use the information to compare each session to make sure you are making progress.

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