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Octane q35 elliptical review
Octane q35 elliptical review

Octane q35 elliptical review

The Octane Q35 elliptical is available as the 35 model or the 35e model. Both designs are similar, but there are differences between them. Both of these machines feature multi-position handbars to ensure that you are comfortable at all times when you are working out.

Comfort is just as important as low impact because if you are not comfortable, you won't stick with the exercise routine. These handlebars provide for a full range of motion in the upper body allowing you to make sure that you are exercising the upper body muscles with a natural arm movement.

The machines are safe and qui, with all the moving parts fully enclosed at the front of the machine. This eliminates the possibility of getting entangled in any of them at the rear or when you get on or off the machine.

Both the Q35 and the 35e have oversized pedals so that no matter what your shoe size is, you can still exercise in comfort without having your feet slip off the pedals. Each model has the Quick Start program, but the 35e has the capacity to remember two saved programs from earlier sessions. This means that two people can save their favorite workouts on the 35e model.

The main programs that are included are manual, random, hill, interval and run-slim, but the 35e contains additional heart rate interactive programs, such as fat burn, cardio, heart rate interval, heart rate hill and heart rate speed interval.

This provides you with many options in programming so you can vary your workout according to what you need. The 35e model also has the Heart Rate Logic feature and with the wireless heart rate monitor, you can receive feedback on your pulse, your target heart rate and the percentage that you are working at. This information allows you to adjust your programming so that you are getting the maximum benefit from the worout.

Both ellipticals are built of steel tubing so that you know you have a machine that will last for a lifetime and they can both support a weight of up to 300 pounds. For added comfort, they have an accessory rack for your water bottle and a reading rack so that you can read as you exercise.

You won't have to interrupt the workout to drink water because the bottle is so handy.

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