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Octane 45 elliptical review
Octane 45 elliptical review

Octane 45 elliptical review

If the Octane 45 is the model that you choose, you need to look at the differences between the 45 and the 45e before you finalize your purchase. These are the most technologically and ergonomically advanced ellipticals available.

They incorporate the features of the 35 and 35 e elliptical machines and take them to the next step. For example the Smart Stride technology on the 45 models allows users to adjust the stride length to fit their natural stride.

This permits many different users to use the same machine because it is so well suited to tall individuals as well as those that are shorter in height. No matter whether you are walking, running, or jogging the machine will monitor you pace and adjust the stride accordingly.

You can also choose the stride length you want by adjusting it electronically from 18 to 23 inches - quite a large stride.

The 45 models contain the X mode and 5 programs that combine the stride length and the resistance level to give you the workout you need. You don't have to do any thinking with this machine - it does it for you.

The rigorous exercise sessions include the ArmBlaster technology that gives you a superb cardiovascular workout to increase your endurance and upper body strength. The operation is smooth and silent giving you a low impact workout with fluid elliptical movements.

The 45e model has 5 interactive heart programs to make sure you get the cardio workout you need. With the wireless heart rate monitor, the machine can track your pulse, but unlike other elliptical brands, the readout display not only tells you your heart rate, but it compares it to your target heart rate and tells you the percentage you are exercising at.

This allows you to adjust the resistance or change the programming to give you the best cardio workout possible. The 45e also has a GluteKicker for maximizing the exercise workout for you glute muscles helping you to tone and firm the muscles of your behind.

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