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MultiSports Elliptix 4200 crosstrainer
MultiSports Elliptix 4200 crosstrainer

MultiSports Elliptix 4200 dual-action crosstrainer

You get outstanding features at an affordable price when you use the MultiSports 4200 Dual-Action Prog. Crosstrainer. This machine helps you to burn fat at am amazing rate in only 20 minutes a day.

You only have to use one piece of exercise equipment because the elliptical helps to tome and sculpt all the muscles in your upper and lower body. With the dual action you move both your arms and legs at the same pace burning calories as you exercise all the major muscle groups in the body.

You still get the low impact workout you have come to expect with and elliptical machine and this one provides you with extremely fluid and smooth movements because of the precision ball bearings at each pivot point.

The 4200 is the ultimate MultiSports elliptix machine with 4 programs, 12 profiles and 4 heart rate target options for you to choose from. You certainly won't be bored as you work your way through all the programs.

Elliptical - MultiSports Elliptix 2200 Manual Dual Action Crosstrainer
Many users say that they can't wait to get home from work to get started with their exercise routine. The oversized console display shows you the time elapsed in your workout, the distance travelled, the speed, the number of calories you burned and your pulse rate.

These numbers remain on the screen and change with each ellipse you make so you can easily track each step you make. The heart rate target options provide you with an intense cardiocascular workout that gets your body's metabolism up to levels where you are burning calories.

If you want to use the 4200 to build stamina, then the options are also there. It is the prefect machine for endurance training with the different levels of resistance in each program.

The stride length is 16 inches -a comfortable stride length for these machines. This makes your legs work harder, but does not place any undue stress son your knees and ankles because your feet never leave the pedals.

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Multisports 4200 elliptical

Elliptical - MultiSports Elliptix 2200 Manual Dual Action Crosstrainer
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