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MultiSports Elliptix 4100 crosstrainer
MultiSports Elliptix 4100 crosstrainer

MultiSports Elliptix 4100 dual-action crosstrainer

With the MultiSports Elliptx 4100 Dual-Action Prog. Crosstrainer you will get a low impact workout with maximum intensity for every major muscle group in your body.

The simultaneous movements of the arms and legs makes the upper and lower body muscles work at the same time, this burning fat from all areas of your body.

The calorie counter lets you know how many calories you burn in each session. With this information you can more easily plan your menu by counting the calories and subtracting what you burn off by exercising to make the most of your weight loss program. You can use this elliptical to help you build stamina and to sculpt your muscles once you have reached the desired weight.

Elliptical - MultiSports Elliptix 4100 Manual Dual Action Crosstrainer
This machine offers one program so you don't have to waste any of your exercise time wondering what program you should use at a particular time. You cal also get started right away as soon as you get the machine set up and not have to bother with instructional programming or listening to instructions on how to use the various options.

The console has an oversized screen so you can easily see at a glance how you are doing each step of the way. The console tells you your time, speed, distance and pulse rate. The pulse rate helps you to stay within your target heart rate and this also tells you when you are exercising at the right limit to burn the most calories.

There is no readout of how many calories you burn in each session, but by exercising to your limits will certainly burn off the calories and let you lose the excess pounds.

The 4100 elliptical has a 16 inch stride which is not too bad even for a tall person. The recommended stride is between 17 and 21 inches.The tension on this machine has to be set manually so you can experiment with the tension levels to find the one that gets your heart pumping at the target heart rate.

As you get sued to using the machine, you will have to reset the tension because you will be better able to manage more strenuous exercising at the same speed and time.

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Multisports 4100 elliptical

Elliptical - MultiSports Elliptix 4100 Manual Dual Action Crosstrainer
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