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MultiSports Elliptix 2300 crosstrainer
MultiSports Elliptix 2300 crosstrainer

MultiSports Elliptix 2300 dual-action crosstrainer

This crosstrainer features the Eddy Current Electronic Braking System. This means there are no belts of pulleys and you receive fluid and smooth elliptical movements every time you exercise.

There are 12 programs that have varied resistance levels to suit your every need and 4 user programs so you can customize your own workout. This machine lets you take control over the workout you want instead of relying on the preset programs.

With the wireless heart rate control, you know that your heart rate will be measured if you want to take your hand off the handles and give your upper body muscles a break.

Elliptical - MultiSports Elliptix 4100 Manual Dual Action Crosstrainer
With this machine you will get a low impact, high intensity cardiovascular workout at an affordable price. You still have all the readouts on the console as the higher priced machines provide. You know your time, distance, speed, RPM's, calories burned and your heart rate with just a glance.

You don't have to break your stride to see any of the information you need to make sure that you are within your target heart rate and are working towards your goal. This machine also displays your workload in watts, if you need to know that information.

You get a low impact workout because your feet never leave the pedals and do not have to bounce on the ground or a surface.

You are assured of an intense workout that you can program yourself. This feature allows you to set the resistance levels and change then at any time. You can set the timer and start off knowing that the program you have chosen will give you the cardio workout you need.

For varying the workout, you can choose different levels each day or different programs so that you won't find yourself getting bored with the same drill. The stride length on this machine is the one negative thing about it. Fifteen inches falls short of the ideal stride and while it may be suitable for some users, a tall person would not be able to exercise in comfort.

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