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MultiSports Elliptix 2200 crosstrainer
MultiSports Elliptix 2200 dual-action crosstrainer

MultiSports Elliptix 2200 dual-action crosstrainer

You will get a true elliptical motion with the MultiSports Elliptix 2200 Dual-Action Prog. Crosstrainer because of the programmable Eddy Current Electronic Breaking System. The machine provides you with a smooth workout that has low impact on your knees, ankles and shins with a natural foot pattern.

There are 6 programs for you to chosoe from on this machine to give you a varied workout and let you move through different levels from easy to more strenuous. You can decide which ones you feel more comfortable with and which give you the best workout for your heart rate.

In addition to the programs, the machine features contact heart rate, located in the hand grips. As soon as you start moving on the 2200, the hand grips automatically start to measure your pulse.

Elliptical - MultiSports Elliptix 4100 Manual Dual Action Crosstrainer
The programs keep track of the pulse and vary the resistance level to make sure you are operating within a desirable target heart rate. The display console tells you the length of time you are exercising, the RPM's , the speed, distance and calories burned.

You can vary the speed as you wish and try to compete against yourself as you continue to workout each day. Many users keep a record of how far they travel to see if in each subsequent workout they can increase the distance in the same amount of time.

The stride length on this machine is 15 inches with 6.75 spacing of the pedals. You would have to use the machine before you decide to purchase it just to make sure that this stride length is suitable for you. Most people who are of medium height do well with this stride length, while tall users tend to find it a bit uncomfortable.

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MultiSport 2200

Elliptical - MultiSports Elliptix 4100 Manual Dual Action Crosstrainer
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