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MultiSports Elliptix 2100 dual-action crosstrainer
MultiSports Elliptix 2100 dual-action crosstrainer

MultiSports Elliptix 2100 dual-action crosstrainer

The MultiSports Elliptix 2100 Dual-Action Prog. Crosstrainer is designed for users who just want to get on the machine and start exercising. It does not require you to use a CD to get instructions on how to use the machine or the programs because there is only one program on this elliptical.

This is a great features for those who exercise regularly both indoors and out because they have a crosstrainer to use at home whenever they want. You can use it for all your exercise needs because the dual action provides for moving handles that work your upper muscles just as intensely as the muscles in your lower body.

The 2100 provides you with a cardiovascular workout that lets you monitor your heart rate as you go along with the display feature. You know when you are exercising within your target heart rate range and the display also lets you know the number of calories you burn with each workout.

Elliptical - MultiSports Elliptix 2200 Manual Dual Action Crosstrainer
You will have a readout of your time because the machine will keep track of how long you are on the machine. This means you can exercise for a set number of minutes without having to have a clock nearby or keep checking your watch to make sure that you are not stopping before the time is up.

The advanced technology of the 2100 has precision sealed ball bearings on every pivot point on the machine. This feature provides you with a smooth even elliptical stride to mimic your natural walking stride.

The stride length on this machine is 1115 inches, which falls short of the ideal stride length of 17 to 21 inches. However, it is prefect for someone who is short and takes smaller steps. A tall person, though, would not be able to exercise comfortably on this machine because of the shorter stride.

There are no automatic settings of resistance levels as they tension is manually controlled. You set the machine to the desired level of tension you want for your workout. This feature lets you start off with a very loose tension and gradually work your way up to a strenuous level that you can deal with and still stay within your target heart rate.

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MultiSports 2100

Elliptical - MultiSports Elliptix 2200 Manual Dual Action Crosstrainer
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