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Ironman 600e elliptical review
Ironman 600e elliptical review

Ironman 600e elliptical review

If you are looking for a tough durable elliptical machine, the Ironman 600 e is the one to choose. This model has all the features you want in exercise equipment with a console display readout of the time, distance, speed, calories burned, watts used, RPMs, heart rate and the length of your stride.

This information is great to have because it provides you with all the data you need to maximize your exercise routines and make changes to the resistance levels to provide more intensity.

There are 6 preset programs so that you won't have a boring workout. You can vary the workouts and choose different programs that have different intensity levels.

Users work through the different programs as they progress with exercising and start to increase their stamina and their ability to exercise on increasing resistance levels.

600E Elliptical Trainer
The program you choose automatically determines the resistance levels. It is easy to switch between programs if you decide that a particular one is too easy or too hard for you.

The readouts in the console also tell you whether you are maximizing the effectiveness of the workout so that the heart gets a good cardio workout.

The workouts vary between hill climbing interval, mountain or random to simulate the workout you would receive if you were bicycling outdoors. The heart rate monitor is built into the comfortable hand grips to make it very easy to get a reading.

The 19 inch stride length fits within the ideal length recommended by expert trainers. The dual action of the machine ensures that you are getting a total body workout with low impact to the knees, ankles and bones of the legs.

By working your arms, your shoulder and chest muscles also get toned up and help to burn more calories. The upper and lower movements are also synchronized so that you are totally comfortable when working out.

The front transport wheels are fully enclosed so that you can safely carry the machine from one room to another. It is really quiet when in operation to allow you to watch TV or listen to music as you pedal your way to a more fit body.

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