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Ironman 320e elliptical review
Ironman 320e elliptical revew

Ironman 320e elliptical review

The Ironman 320e elliptical is one of the cheaper models of Ironman ellipticals. It does not have the bells and whistles that other models have, but will still give you an effective workout.

The incline of the machine is fixed, as are other Ironman models, so you cannot vary your workout to simulate going up and down hills as you increase or decrease the incline.

However, there are 16 magnetic resistance levels for you to increase the intensity of the entire workout or to gradually increase the workout as you warm up. You can decrease the resistance level to let your body cool down after an intensive workout enabling you to exercise in a healthy manner.

The 320e model has both forward and reverse motion, enabling you to vary the routine and make sure that you provide a goof workout for all the major muscle groups in your body.

There are 4 workout programs designed for cardio fitness, as well as 12 regular workout programs preset into the elliptical. These have to be set manually according to which one you want to use.

320E Elliptical Trainer

The computer console keeps track of your heart rate, time and the approximate number of calories you burned during each routine.

This is important because you can make sure you are maximizing the burning power by exercising to your target heart rate. You can time your program, but you won't be able to tell how far you travelled or your speed.

Many people who just want to be able to exercise at home do not mind the absence of these features, but for others who like to compete against themselves in distance and speed, it does present a significant deficit in the machine.

This elliptical can hold up to 275 pounds of weight. It has dual action handrails and pedals and extra large foot plates for added comfort when exercising.

The dual action allows to move backwards or forwards and offers you more variety in exercising. The stride length is the only 16 inches on this machine, which may not be suitable for tall individuals.

The heart rate monitor is built into the handgrips, so you don't have to wear a chest strap. It does not have wheels for rolling it easily from one room to another, but it does have a bottle holder so you can quench your thirst without breaking your stride.

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